January 24, 2018

What is Continuous Pay?

The continuous pay plan at Jet Premium Finance is a unique way to approach insurance premium financing. By enrolling in continuous pay, an insured can eliminate down payments entirely! Insureds on continuous pay will be charged a payment each month in perpetuity. The plan carries over and adjusts each policy period. Never worry about a bulk payment again!

  1. A signed CPP Amendment is required to execute the Continuous Pay Plan, in addition to the standard finance agreement.
  2. Insured must enroll in automatic ACH monthly payments.
  3. Insured must complete a standard 9 pay plan. This requires a down payment of 25% plus any earned fees. Use our calculator to estimate here.
  4. The same monthly payments continue through the 10th, 11th and 12th (renewal date) month.
  5. Upon renewal (or new policy with a different carrier), Jet will adjust payments to include all fees and eliminate the down payment.

Enjoy truly hands-off insurance financing. The continuous pay plan increases account retention rates for the agent and translates insurance into a monthly cost for the insured.